a picture of me on some rocks

Greetings. My name is Giames, your humble host on this journey into my headspace.

Favorite Shows Favorite Movies Favorite Countries
Game of Thrones Eyes Wide Shut Italy
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Interstellar Jamaica
Breaking Bad Endgame Liberia

This webpage will serve as a general page relevant to the class. It will feature the upcoming projects to look forward to. It will also contain my expectations going forward. The other pages will be for content specific to me. The third page will be about travel. The last page will be about videography.

Before that though, this homepage will serve as a place where any of my fans can read frivolous fun facts about me. My name is James Salinsa Kwee Debbah IV. I'm not a usual huge fan of dry snacks but if I had to pick a favorite I'd probably say Sun Chips. Original of course. I have an aspiration to pursue film by first perfecting my videography skills. It's been a very unexpected journey getting here but I'm trying my best and taking it one lesson at a time.

My family is very African and very superstitious so they absolutely hate cats. The oppression I face here is a daily struggle for me. I think cats are very powerful beings. They're very intelligent and observant, almost like they're always looking out for you. While dogs may protect you physically, cats protect you spiritually. I know one day my family will respect me for who I am. I'm a digital media innovation senior at Texas State University. I hope to get the most out of this class.