Giames' Travels

a picture I took at the Hassan Mosque II

Morocco was a beautiful experience. This feeling may come with a bias considering this was my first time being out of the country alone. I was incredibly excited. The airport was super shady. This random man ended up grabbing my suitcase saying that he was going to help me carry it to a taxi. I ended up having to pay him because he...techincally gave me a service. The mosque itself was beautiful though. Grand, smooth architecture sweeping overhead on the inside. And huge windows in the back, giving a wide open view of the sea.

a picture I took at the beach

This was a picture I took at Monrovia beach. Going to Liberia was also quite the life changing experience. I'd gone a couple days after Morocco. It was my first time going since I was 2 so it was a sort of coming of age moment. I got to see family I'd really never known. I ate delicious food all day every day, and I also got to go to the museum and learn some history. It was something I never knew I needed.

a picture I took at the airbnb

Jamiaca was a tropical adventure. I ate delicious exotic fruit. All the fruit there grows right off the trees. They say you can be homeless but you will never starve. There's beautiful mountains all around you and at night the little houses on them shine like stars. The sky was full of them too of course. On one night drive I just let leaned my head out the window looked up and breathed in the whole night sky. Not at all safe but quite recommeneded. Going to the beach, waterfalls and driving on the mountain spanning highways were definitely the high point.