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This was the first episode of The San Mecca, a series that I'm currently doing at the University Star. It features brilliant artists living right here in San Marcos. The first episode featured Erikka Polk, a young mixed media artist. We discuss her art, her vision for the future and her thoughts on the current state of black storytelling. Check out the article here.

San Mecca Logo

This is the upcoming second episode of The San Mecca. It features Rowdy Banner. A local DJ and event coordinator. He tells us about his journey into DJ and his experienc with it now. With some insight in meditation and mindfulness to boot.

I'm super excited to learn how to code a smooth and eye appealing website. I want to have a space I have full control over to serve as a place to come back to. A place to serve a portfolio. And a place where I'll be able to look back and see my growth over time. Cheers to the beginning of another journey.